No warning for a price rise

There is a scene that occurs a lot in newsagency. After the newsagency gets a bundle of publications, put them on the stand and starts to sell them someone brings to their attention that there has been a price rise on one of these publications. They are selling at the old price. Then a mad scramble takes place to fix up the error. There has been no warning and nothing said to them.

I expect something like this to happen to NSW newsagents very shortly.

Much of the problem is the suppliers' locked in a competition match with a competitor does not want to release information to the other side what they are doing. As such the information is released only to "need to know" people.

As newsagents are put into this group that "do not need to know" so they are not told.

What often then what happens is the supplier turns around and said, "I talked to newsagents, all the major industry bodies and computer suppliers..." I can assure you that this is often a lie.

I think newsagents should have been at least one-week warning.