Delayed billing with Network (NDC) change

Network(NDC) have been trying to encourage newsagents to keep some titles on the shelf longer using "Delayed Billing".

Normally if a magazine arrives today, the invoiced amount will appear on the statement at the end of the month. Not however with Delayed Billing, as Network is not charging the newsagent in the current month, but delaying the billing until a future month.

Our software has always handled delayed billing as our invoicing has a separate Due Date to the Invoiced Date.

Network have however contacted us concerned that now apparently, once the stock is on the shelf, Newsagents do not realise, or cannot tell, that the item is Delayed Billed and are returning it early anyway, so defeating the purpose.

Currently when a normal invoice is processed (one that is not Delayed Billed), our software will place the date the item was invoiced on the label. There will be no change to the label here.

This is what you get now.

Next Tuesday, the automatic update will load into your system the new label format so your label will changed slightly for a Delayed Billed invoice, the invoiced date will be replaced with the letters DB

This is what you will get with a Delayed Billing Label


The important difference here is the DB before the date.

Phil Doensen
National Support Manager