Scan rate XChangeIT

XChangeIT biggest complaint is that many of the items are not being scanned but simply rung up as a cash register department. Our figures are extremely good as a recent Gordon and Gotch study showed.

However, I decided to check out benchmarking figures to see how our clients are going. So in August, from our benchmarking system I took from about 35 shops a total of 30470 transactions. 66% of these were scanned. Almost all the non-scanned items were lotto and newspapers.

I wanted to know the XChangeIT unscanned rate. So I selected magazines. Immediately I could see the same problem which is mucking up almost all benchmarking figures in newsagency. Different people put different items in different departments. This is probably the biggest problem in benchmarking figure in newsagencies today and why so many of them questionable. Here as a result I had to weed out the newspapers out of the magazine department.

That left me with 5128 lines. Of that unscanned was six. I was stunned so low. However, it gets better as one of these items I believe is coming from a magazine company not associated with XChangeIT so really the figure should be five. So I was looking for our clients' scan rate of magazines is 99.9%.

That is an awesome record. It is no wonder Gordon and Gotch gave us such a good score.