Facebook - Customer stops and starts

Facebook though POS Solutions

As far as I know only POS Solutions clients now have the ability for your customers to enter in stops and starts for newspapers using the web and then either automatically or manually import these stop and starts.

This is one such method for doing this using Facebook.

As many of you are aware Facebook is a free and extremely successful way of getting an internet presence is Facebook. Another plus is that Facebook can interface into our system.

Here I have set up a simple sample home delivery screen for stopping and starting a publication that any member of the public with an internet account could use to stop or start a publication. See where the arrow is pointing on the picture above.

Check it out on our Facebook account here.

Once the form is completed it will send an email immediately to owner of the Facebook page. You have then the choice of whether you wish this information to be automatically entered into your system or whether you wish manually to enter in the details into your system.