Newspapers respond to the Oct-Dec 2010 Audit Bureau of Circulations figures

It was interesting to read what the newspaper companies are saying about the current reported 2.6% drop in newspaper sales reported in the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation.

They said much the same as last quarter.

while the challenging retail environment between October and December last year was a tough backdrop for printed newspaper sales, the decline in circulation had slowed slightly since the September 2010 quarter.

You can read the full statement here.

I would depute his argument, you cannot every quarter blame the retail market. Newspapers had in this period a terrific story, the floods on the east coast and looking at the figures, I would say the decline slowed because a growing number of newspapers being sold at a special almost giveaway deals.

Still I agree with them that newspapers are a terrific product. Almost 20 million are sold every week.