The floods effect

In retrospect what is making the recent floods, particularly bad for newsagents beside the physical damage that the waters did to the shop and their business.

1) Trade stopped tourist and restricted all the trade to locals which had access. This time of year, Queensland depends on tourist.

2) Never have I seen a demonstration of just how vital to newsagents are current supplies. As newspapers and magazine supplies were often cut, much business was lost. Say I do not buy food today, tomorrow I probably will need to buy more food to fill up the fridge. With a newspaper if I do not buy it today, tomorrow I will not buy two to make up.

Some of the stuff, I heard was just unbelievable. Some newsagents reported that they were blamed by their customers for not having newspapers.

To their credit, most suppliers, I can testify are really trying their best to get supplies in. Almost all have set up hot-lines and priority services like we did.

3) Electricity, telephone and the internet in many places were cut. No electricity, meant that much just halted.

What turned out to be a real blessing was mobiles. How did people in crisis managed before without mobiles?

4) Many staff could not get to work and many could not come for family crisis. Shops suddenly lost key personnel at a time where they really needed them.

At this point, I would like to thank my staff who I think did a terrific job of helping our clients.