QNF Newsagency Training Course - 19th - 22nd July


Queensland Newsagents

Dear Garth

Our next Newsagency Training Course is scheduled for 19th to 22nd july.

Could you also please confirm if you are available to give your usual presentation on Back office efficiency through technology on

Tuesday 20th July at 12.00 - 12.45pm?

As you are aware we ask all attendees at our Training Course to evaluate each session presented, to help us ensure our training is providing the information and support newsagents will need when they take over their new businesses.

For your benefit I am providing you with feedback from the evaluation of your presentation at the last Training School.

We ask participants to grade out of 10 on value of information and presentation/style.

Your presentation was scored 9.5 for value and 8.5 for presentation and style with comments 'Good Value' and 'Very calm and easy to understand system'.

Thank you for the contribution you make to help us present this course to newcomers to our industry.


Ashley Anderson

Administration Assistant / Reception