Marketing your end of financial year sale


The end of the financial year (EOFY) sales typically works well so why not make one?

Consider that 

* Those tax refunds are coming. 
*  Many people's accountants are telling people to buy now. 
* Today many have benefited from the government payouts. 
* Plus now with COVID-19 shutdown, many customers have much that they need to buy that they put off. 

Well here is your mission, to think about your EOFY sale. 

Here are some ways to start:

* Now have because of the COVID-19 shutdown, many of you will have stock that needs to be moved. Look at this excess inventory, much of this, if not moved soon, will be a disaster. These might make good loss leaders.

* Ask your suppliers, they will have some ideas. Now they are helping too, I notice and they have excess stock also. 

* Check what shop like you are doing.



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