Online lotto seller making extra 14%,27753,25738605-462,00.html

There is article an the Daily Telegraph about how some customers of lotto who brought it online felt cheated because they paid 14% more.

Punters who entered last week's $106 million Lotto draw online via Oz Lotteries' website paid a premium above what newsagents charge for a ticket.

A ticket which costs $126 in a NSW newsagency costs $18 more online

When a customer complained Oz Lotteries replied

that it charged a premium for its service, which it said was "superior" to newsagencies

So what is this superior service that the online service provide.

These services include; maintaining records of orders received, operating accounts on behalf of players and providing a secure internet based selling system that safeguards players personal and financial information


customers were able to cancel transactions at any time.


a facility to open gambling accounts with credit cards

Besides being a put down for newsagents' service, it is not fair competition. A newsagent could provide all of this too if they got an extra 14% which would more than pay for the increase in accounting costs and credit card fees. Somehow lotto never asked the newsagents about this.

The only positive is the online fee is much higher then a newsagency and higher, the better for the newsagents.