Instant Credit on XchangeIT

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For months now i have been sending my returns data back to the magazine companies via EDI returns in my POS Browser System. (I have not had to hand write any forms for a long time now)

Yes, It is correct that I am not receiving my credit in 2 minutes as .. advertise. But this is Only because I have not been part of the initial trials of the New XchangeIT LINK Platform. Had I Been Included in this trial, then I too would be receiving my credits in 2 minutes through my POS Solutions Browser Platform. I am though looking forward to the New XChangeIT Link platform and have registered my interest to be in the next round of roll outs.

While POS software suppliers have been working with XChangeIT to make this work, The Instant Credit service is related to X-Change-it rolling out the New XChangeIT Link Software. When the Roll out happens, then and only then can it be claimed that instant credits on returns are available to all users.

If you are a POS Browser User and have received these faxes also, Please talk with POS Solutions & XChangeIT about getting your system set up to be ready for these instant credits as soon as XChangeIT LiNK is launched.

Newsagency Manager