Lying software sales people

A newsagent considering our software was told by a competitor this week that our software had a deficiency in the way it cannot read the 2 digit addendum on magazine barcodes. The claim by the competitor was put with such conviction by the competitor that it made our prospect doubt us. While we are happy to show that what the competitor has said is a lie, sometimes part of a lie sticks.

I hope that the experience this week is a one-off and that appropriate counseling for this employee of this competitor involved will guide them to focus on their offering rather than lying about us.

I stress to all within POS Solutions that we need to focus on what our software offers and to demonstrate every claim we make. I also remind our team that we can bring any prospect into any of our retail businesses and show first-hand how we use the software ourselves to achieve we claim it can achieve.

The software sales person who lied is now in our sights. We will watch him carefully. Another lie like this week and we will take action. It is disrespectful of newsagents and it demonstrates a lack of confidence in his product to win the sale on its merits.