News Ltd presentation

We are expecting sometime in July or August for the work to start on improving the Connect Newsagent portal.

What the plan is for the Connect portal newsagents to be complimented by an automatic system going though the computer software without you doing anything.

The other important issue is the subscriber mess. It is crazy now because the information in the newsagent system is not matching to the newspaper marketing department. As a result people now on subscription are being contacted to resubscribe and former subscribers are forgotten because the computer at News Corp thinks they are still getting a paper. This problem is costing everyone.

What we would also like is the invoices from News Ltd to be send to you every day after 4:30pm. That way you could have your paper supplies in his system automatically. No going to the portal every night to figure out what you are getting tomorrow.

Although News Corp did not say anything it would be great if other people could be allowed to piggyback on to this system. Then we could finally have a newsagent standard communication system that we were talking about for years.