I don't mean drugs but where someone falls down hurts themselves.

Anyway while reading the paper today, I read that one of my clients Yarra Glen Newsagency has a close call about tripping.

I found the same story here online.

An eighty-two year old woman who tripped in front of the Yarra Glen Newsagency. She broke her hip in the town’s main street and unfortunately will now face many months of rehabilitation.

That it could have been avoided appears clear, the pavers in front were in a bad state. The owner of the Yarra Glen Newsagency owner Joe Perri described their condition as “despicable”. The shire stated that they did not have enough money to fix it earlier something the councils always say rather then do anything.

You wonder what happens to the fortunes of money these councils get from the community. The shire, I bet now, will have money for lawyers to debate whether they did their job and what exactly their duty of care is! Somehow I suspect now there will also be money to fix the pavers. I confess, I am dissatisfied with the job our local councils are doing in general.

After reading this, I remembered that another one of my clients Hampton Park had one in the shop. So I went over my work building looking for spots where people could trip. I don’t need such problems.