Your Easter Sales: Identifying how you went


Measure Easter Sales 2023


Easter is an extraordinary chance for retailers to build their sales, yet to make it work requires preparation. What is needed now is a review of what worked and what didn't.

In this context, we'll look at some techniques for evaluating this Easter sale in your store.

Sales Reports

An essential tool for monitoring your sales performance is your sales reports. You can learn more about your profits, top-selling products, and employee performance by reading these reports. This data can assist you with spotting patterns and making informed, information-driven choices.

Monitor your Sales Performance


Go to reports and click on sales.

Point of sale menu selection for compare


Using this report, you can compare and contrast your store's performance in each department.

First, pick the dates for Easter and run compared to sales data from 2020, before COVID. Now run again for Easter and compare to last year.

Please pay close attention to the relevant departments by clicking on the left side of the report as you move through it.

Advantage of utilising sales reports rather than feeling

You can precisely assess your performance and identify your bestselling products by relying on sales reports rather than intuition. With this knowledge, you can foster a business methodology that expands benefits. When you look at sales data from specific days, you can see trends, areas where you did well, and opportunities for improvement.

Your shop can achieve its goals and make well-informed, data-driven decisions if you incorporate sales reports into your decision-making process.


Every year retailers have a one-of-a-kind chance to boost sales during Easter, but it requires careful preparation and planning to get the maximise benefit. If you want to improve your business strategy, it is essential to evaluate what worked and what didn't.



Why is pos not able to send me my EOD to my gmail address? Works with my bigpond one but need to change

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