I have been looking at some of the preliminary survey results. Although the results are still coming in, it shows only 29% of our users are on Xchangeit. That alone clearly shows that it has not become the industry standard communication system. Currently POS Solutions transport more supplier information electronically than they do. This would be true of several other newsagents suppliers too.

I remember when Xchangeit started up, I told them it will work only if it is free to the newsagents. Also it was unfair to charge newsagents fees to get invoices electronically and I was not aware of such charging in other industries. Today I wonder if Coles Myer is charged extra for receiving their invoices from the magazine suppliers electronically?

Now it is time for a change in the business model for Xchangeit. It should be free. If you want the information in the mail, then you should be charged extra as it costs them postage and handling costs.