Windows Update problems

Quite a few now are experiencing problems with the current Windows Updates coming down. The most common issues with us are due to old hardware. Mostly it is not Microsoft fault but the equipment suppliers who have not kept their product drivers up to date. It is frustrating to people when their old pos scanner which works well suddenly no longer works so sometimes we are having to reverse the update and telling our clients to wait till Microsoft can sort out the issues.

It is frustrating but expected as it is a fact of life that things go wrong immediately after the release of major updates as there are large numbers of computers out there and they all have their setups and equipment, and this means problems and issues can and do arise. What I found interesting is that Microsoft products like the surface pro are also having problems, so Microsoft did not test properly their own product.

Anyway if you are a user of our software and have problems with the newest Windows 10, please let us know both so we can help you, and so we can inform others of the issues.