Windows 11 is now here.


Our advice is unchanged wait!

Overall the update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 now seems to be working.

Several of our users, despite our advice to wait, have been running our software on it.  It works, *sort of*. I say *sort of* as it is not thoroughly tested. The big problem is not our software but the equipment like scanners and printers. As expected, when doing the update, one of our clients found one receipt printer not working. In this case, we were able to fix this problem. 

Despite Microsoft's claims, we have not seen any speed increases with the newer Windows software. Maybe there is some, but you would need an accurate stopwatch to tell you. Still, based on specifications, I suspect that you will see some on a laptop on Windows 11, but we have not tested that yet.

Also, what is clear now is that the significant improvement promised of running Android on your computer is at least a year away. Without that, I do not see anything urgent with waiting. Yes, there are some enhancements, but I doubt many are particularly interested in these. For example, Teams is better than skype, but most use now Zoom or Google Meet. Still, I suppose we will all need to learn to use Teams, but that is long-term.

Most corporates are planning to move middle of next year. This is because of all the problems that they had with Windows 10 updates. This is good advice as it gives a few months for people to test it. Gives Windows time to mature. Remember, Microsoft has promised to support Windows 10 until 2025, so there is little risk of delaying your Windows 11 experience.

Above all now, make sure that any computer or equipment you buy is Windows 11 compatible. You do not want to buy an obsolete computer. 

If you will not wait, let us know before you do the update. We always need beta testers.

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