Windows 10 users get ready for the next update

Windows 10 users need to get ready for promised Windows 10 Anniversary update on their point of sale system as its big and so will take awhile to load.

In the traditional manner, I expect that for most of our Windows 10 users, they have no decision to make as they will be getting this update, whether they like it or not. It is part of Microsoft's switch in strategy that rather than have separate systems; they will have continuous incremental updates.

Like many, I am still in two minds about Windows 10, but I do feel that my users should not have old antiquated systems, and they are safer and better off with the security patches despite all the problems then without them. Furthermore, I strongly believe that they should have the latest in technology that we can possibly give them.

I like the new start menu, the improvements to Cortana - its nice to start the day with a comment "Cortana tell me a joke" and she does and I particularly like the improved memory control with the Task Manager.

We have also tested our software though the Windows developer channel of this latest update. Our software works well on it. Furthermore, a patch for our POS Solutions Software will be coming soon that will allow you to take some more advantages of Windows 10 improvements in our software.

Unfortunately, there is no official free update available to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8 any more although there are ways to cheat the system and to receive the free upgrade. So I am wondering if part of the purpose of this upgrade is to close these loopholes.

In any case Windows 10 is not that expensive, and I think it's worth upgrading as Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 and 8 and after this upgrade Windows 10 is better than the current Windows 10.