Why its important, you have a cloud backup!

A few days ago, a person was working at a shop in the early morning, while she was in the back office unknown to her, a person came in the shop, took the cables off the main computer, grabbed the computer with her USB backup in it and ran off. It left them w no backup and no server. Because she has insurance, the computer and the setup will be covered but the data is lost - everything is gone. If they had a backup in the cloud, it would have been okay. When I spoke to her and told them that a backup in the cloud costs nothing to have, and if we had one, we would be right, they replied that they know this now but its happened and what can we do now?

Another example is a close call that happened to me this morning to me.

I received this email.

Now as it happened, we do deal with a company Global Knowledge, and we did recently enquire about a subscription with them. So I thought to myself what is going on, we should not be billed yet and clicked the attachment. Lucky for me, when I clicked the attachment it came up with an error as it was a virus. I double checked my computer just in case and its clean. It is, however, quite possible that if I had imported this virus, I could have lost everything on my computer. In a sense, I am not worried as I do have a cloud backup and there was nothing on that computer that could not be replaced although it would be a lot of bother.

Information on setting up a free cloud backup with our point of sale is available here.