Free cloud backup

At the start of the year, I wrote that one New Year Resolution to make this year is to use a cloud backup.

The software has come of age. Now I do not recommend that you replace your existing backup solution, but that you use a cloud to supplement it.

There are many advantages for you to do so.

1. Access: You get access to your data wherever you have internet access. For example, you can access your company's data from home, overseas on holidays, etc.

2. Reliability: If anything is wrong with your regular backups, you have an emergency set online.

3. Easier to use: Because it is automated there is less to remember or do, often it can be set up so its completely automatic.

Two big disadvantages to consider are:

1. The Internet: It will chew up a fair amount of Internet usage. Often people report that it slows down their system. If so we may need to see what we can do.

2. Size limitations: If your data file grows too big, you may find your backup suddenly stops.

3. Check: You need to check regularly that it is working.

We have put together here a document that can show you how to set up a free cloud backup. Please click here.