Why declutter your computers and their gadgets?


We had a client last week where we got to see first-hand the mess of years of neglect with the computer system. Hidden under the counter, we found many power cords not connected. Around the computers was a dust mountain, in which we found a half-eaten doughnut. This impacts the airflow around the computers. It is a health hazard as dust is not hygienic and is highly flammable. A spark from a computer can set it off. Besides that, a fire near a computer can be costly.

The battery backup unit was not plugged into the computer, so it was useless.

We recommend you switch off the computers at least once a year, clean around the computer, check the cables and remove all unnecessary items. 

This simple step could help you avoid a technology disaster. 

Plus I am sure that all will prefer to work in a clean and less cluttered area.

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