Why are there Dragon NaturallySpeaking changes in your point of sale?



Occasionally some people have commented that some updates; we do refer to the use of the software Dragon NaturallySpeaking, when they ring up, they are told not to worry about it.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software. What it allows is skilled users to work a computer by speaking to it. The main reason what we use if for is for people primarily with multiple sclerosis, although we do have people with other dexterity impediments and people with a variety of physical disabilities using it too.

The next question is why this package, well, firstly; we did not pick it but the Multiple Sclerosis society picked it, and we have worked closely with them, so we adopted it and followed their standard. As far as I know when I spoke to the Multiple Sclerosis society, we are the only ones in our market space offering this type of support. Having said that in our experience, the free Windows Speech Recognition software does work, but it's not as good as this software.

Many people with such problems actually do not tell their employers until they must. Which is fine but it is a problem is many of our clients as they are family businesses? They know when a family member has such a problem. They also lack the resources to keep these people all the time under care. So often these people with these conditions are taken to work where they sit all day with little to do. When I talk to them, almost all of them want to do something. Anything.

As a computer does not involve physical work. Sometimes if we are lucky, we can get them productive on a computer.

First, we try special keyboards, mouses and filter key software. However, some people shake too much. They lack motor skills. So what we try with some success is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This allows them to control a computer by talking. Unfortunately, it has not proven an easy program to work. When it does work it allows such people to work, but the big problem is that it requires a lot of skill with this software. Fortunately, the Multiple Sclerosis society does provide training.

Often they end out going at a slower rate then most, but they feel that they are doing something useful. They can also use it to keep in touch with friends though Facebook, email, and they can read or listen to newspapers and books.

As such we support it so that is why it comes up occasionally in updates.