What do you think of Fraudulent Misrepresentation?



Have a read of this paragraph.

I have 1700+ newsagency clients..... I am the biggest supplier to newsagents... I am the market leader....

If I said this, would you not think I would have an obligation and responsibility to provide evidence for my claim! I would say *YES*.  What do you think? 

It is called the burden of proof. Click for details. 

If it is not done, why do you think of my statements?

Furthermore, please consider that if I responded to a claim made by someone else like this and my response was censored. That publishing of it was refused when I queried it. Do you think these secret and hidden censorship actions are legal? Do you think it's right or proper? 

Surely if censored the correct way of handling it as Google does, see the example above. Another example would be that the Federal Court ruled that ISPs should block many sites. So they block them, but you notified that they are blocked when you try to go to them.

Tell me what you think?

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