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You can have this *IN* your retail point of sale software! 

Two years ago, the Australian retail world was in panic mode as Amazon was coming directly into Australia. Retailers here had seen how powerful Amazon had become in other countries such as England when they came direct and were worried that their world was coming to an end. It did not end but the ripples are being felt across Australia’s retailers' industry. The big plus that Amazon had was their range of goods and loyalty program. The big problem with Amazon's model in Australia is our overpriced delivery system. I can buy online and get free postage from China but I have to wait while for a similar product from an Australian supplier, I need to pay a large delivery fee and can get it in a few days. This is where the traditional Australian brick and mortar retailer needs to look at they can provide using Omnichannel instant free delivery through a website with a click and buy model. 

That it works for SMB retailers, yes and I have figures to prove it. We have websites that our clients are using integrated into our software that is more than just paying their way. 

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