WannaCry ransomware

Another day and another of our clients got hit by the WannaCry ransomeware attack.

With all the damage, that WannaCry is causing us now what scary is that it should have been much worse as by accident a quick-thinking engineer found a way to hack it so slowing down its spread. However, we are seeing now is copycat versions of WannaCry that overcome this hack. That is why it's starting up again.

The dangerous point about WannaCry is that it is believed that you cannot get your data back, there are currently no reports of people getting their data back even after paying the WannaCry ransom.

Our advice remains the same we strongly advise that you do not pay the ransom, if you pay it most of the time in our experience with such attacks, you will not get your data back anyway. By paying ransomware authors, you are contributing to the proliferation of ransomware by providing these people with rewards and so encourage them to continue.

Your best defence is to run a modern operating system on modern hardware whenever you can and always keep backups.

Also as in this case you should not be running a Windows XP anymore.