Video of printing a custom message on a receipt


Getting customers to return to your shop is crucial for any retailer. One cool trick is printing custom messages on receipts! A personalised receipt can grab someone's attention whether it's thanks, special offer, or important info. People do read receipts, often a few times and those people are your customeers.

Why Add Custom Receipt Messages?

There are loads of good reasons to use this feature in your point-of-sale software:

Boost Customer Loyalty

Include a discount code for their next visit Promote your loyalty program Share details about an upcoming sale

Increase Sales

Suggest complementary products they might like Advertise new arrivals or seasonal items Offer bundle deals related to their purchase

Strengthen Your Brand

Reinforce your branding with a branded sign-off Share your website, socials, and contact info Include your returns policy and store hours

How to Add a Custom Message

Setting up a custom receipt message in your POS system is super easy! Here's a step-by-step guide using our training video:

How to set up for an item

Often, when you sell items in the shop, you want to place a particular note on the receipt message to be added at the bottom of the receipt. This is commonly done to suggest new products that a person that purchased this item, specific instructions or offer a special deal related to this product.

Click here for a favourite training video of ours that explains how to use your POS software to put these extra details on your receipts.

It is as easy as that to have a custom message that will now print on any eligible receipts.

Pro Tips

To get the most out of this feature:

  • The timing of when your custom message prints can be just as important as the message itself.

  • Update regularly for seasonal promos

  • Experiment with tone (friendly, funny, urgency)
  • Use capitalization and emojis to stand out. Emojis do work

  • Suggest frequently bought together items ("You bought X, have you tried Y?")

  • Offer instructions on how to use

  • suggested discounts on related products/services

  • Cross-sell subscription programs ("Save on refills!")

Get Creative!

Custom receipt messages are a free marketing channel to surprise and delight customers. So have some fun with it! Craft short, snappy messages that add real value and keep them coming back.

With creativity and the right use of receipt marketing, you can turn this little printed slice of paper into a powerful sales driver for your small business!

What clever messages have worked for your business? Share your best receipt marketing tips in the comments!