Using data analysis: See how your father's day sales went.



Retail data analysis analyses everything in your business, from sales to stock to your customer data. The AI now makes it better. It is often used to track customer behaviour and traffic, but it can do more for you.

It is not only applicable to large retailers. SMB retailers, like you, can use information collected from your POS systems. Then the significant advantage that you have is that you can move quickly and so react faster.

Retail analytics example

We are using Father's Day as an example so let see how it went for you with this quick and easy method. It will take you less than a minute to do!

Go to Register reports

Now select Sales register > Sales comparison



As a first and quick example enter in this:  


Retail analysis report

You will get a very detailed report of what happened on that day for you to review.

Retail data analysis provides the information you need to make informed decisions. This will increase your revenue and profitability.

Note: What does appear to have sold well this Father's Day was decorated Coffee mugs and Whiskey tumblers.

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