Use the Best free CRM for Your Business


We are confident that we are giving you our users, the best CRM for your business free. So I was pleased that salesforce who are the number one in this filed invited us to attend their conference on their CRMs yesterday. I checked them out.


Click here if you wish to see some of the talks here.

One talk I do recommend that you listen to is this one by Mathew Sweezey [link removed]" He spoke well. His message was that everything is changing. A *NEW* normal is forming. People that you have never had a chance before to turn into customers are coming into your shop. Goods that you never sold, you can sell now. It's all changing. Everything has taken a new turn. There is no going back.

Some of the other talks were good too. Some of these guest speakers were very experienced retailers. They saw a CRM as a must for them. Included were retailers of all sizes who sold many different products.

Okay, what did I get out of it?

Modern retailers use CRM to track their sales process so they know what worked.

Do they want a CRM to sell more to each of their customers?

They want a CRM to tell them what is *NOT* working.

Your system has a CRM; why not try and use it? At the very least, you will get a feel of how they work.



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