A tip to speed up searches


A tip to speed up searches, unlike many of our competitors, we built our software from scratch, so we are in the best position to optimise it!

One adorable function we offer is that we put in a search engine in various sections.

For example, in the creditor (suppliers) section.

Say you want to find a supplier of goods, but you are not sure of the name.

Not to worry, use our software's inbuilt search engine. Here is how you do it.

Go to the main menu and then select in Creditor > Maintenance.


Now select Find.

As you can see, we have many different ways of finding that supplier, address, the telephone number, etc.

Also look what is marked in green. Here you do not need all the details I put in rail, and it found the railway in the middle of the name.

Give it a shot.



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