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Unified commerce

Why do you need unified commerce  in retailing? 

In our marketplace, as far as I know, we are the only ones offering this. The problem now is that many retailers have a point of sale software, and have or are planning to have a website where they can advertise and sell online. This is called the omnichannel approach. 

The problem now with this omnichannel approach is that there are now two or three separate systems. This is causing problems, big issues as the retailer now have to learn different methods. This means that in practice not everyone can use all the systems as it requires a specialist for each system.

The big problem is that your customers' information in this omnichannel approach is in two or three different accounts, the stock is in two or three different systems, the orders and stock transfers are in two or three different methods, pricing is in two or three separate systems, etc.  As such retailers are finding that they have to do a lot of work as information has to be sent back and forward across different systems. Some of the transfers are very difficult as different systems behave differently.

This is why a truly unified commerce system like ours which has the POS software and the website in one system is much better. Using it you can track financials along with stock, sales, customer, etc. all the pieces of retail all in one system.  It’s the next step in retail technology.

Contact here our experts to discover how our unified commerce retail platform, can help you deliver the customer experience of tomorrow.




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