There are problems now with the Afterpaytouch POS software. We are looking into it with them now. Currently, we strongly suggest that you do not load their latest software until we can resolve this situation.

We are also checking on the situation with Afterpay and Windows XP and Windows 7 as it appears that Afterpay no longer works on Windows XP and it works only on the current version of Windows 7. If so it will not be the first major company that is withdrawing support from these products.





I have downloaded the Touch upgrade and I am now using it. There were no problems with the Mobile recharges, but there was a slight hiccup with the Newspaper subscriptions. By accident, I found a solution to the problem. The procedure is to open the NEWS SUBSCRIPTION dialogue box which presents the sub menus for The West Australian and News Corp. If I was to take a payment for The West Australian, it would seem logical to open The West Australian sub menu where it asks you to scan the barcode. If you do it this way an error message comes up and you cannot process the payment. By accident I found that if you scan the barcode before you open the sub-menu another sub-menu pops up asking for you to nominate the group the payment is for. Click on the appropiate group and then you are asked for the payment amount. Process the payment and this then appears in the POS register. Payment is taken and the appropiate receipt is printed

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