To Surcharge or not?

Most businesses fall into four categories, today is a good day to decide on whether or not you are going to do surcharging on credit and EFTpos. Of course, it is easy enough to do with our POS software to set up these categories.

1) Surcharge everything

2) EFTPOS is not surcharged, but credit and premium cards are surcharged.

3) EFTPOS and standard credit cards are not surcharged, and premium cards are surcharge and/or not accepted.

4) Surcharge nothing and accept all cards.

We did an analysis on our business and decided that we would not charge these fees. We are in the group (3) and as far as I know we are the only ones in our market space that do not charge these extra fees.

PS If you are going to surcharge check that it is working correctly. We have had a few support calls today where it was incorrectly being charged.