Tips on naming your computer


Today is Name your computer day


Name your computer day

So it is an excellent time to review and give you some tips in naming your computer.

Basically, I suggest a name that reduces confusion and allows it to be easy to remember. Also like a pet, today most people like to give their computer a name.

Generally what happens in retail, is some technically minded person comes along and sets up your computer. With a big smile, they turn around to you and ask you what do you want to call your computer?   

Since it is not so easy to change in a retail environment unless you are very technical minded as a simple name change can muck up things, I do suggest that you give it some thought because you are going to be stuck with this decision for many years.

I do not recommend that you call the computer by function, the problem here is that you may be installing it for accounts, but soon it probably will be moved around to something else like a cash register so it will be called the accounts computer even though it is now a cash register. So you will be ringing up for support saying to a technical person, the cash register is down and its the accounts computer. The same problem can occur if you use location. If what was the computer is moved to the storeroom and it is now confusing. The storeroom computer is called the "back computer", the back computer is now called ....

Here are some ideas.

One advantage to using the manufactures name is that it is clearly marked which one it is and you just hope that you do not get another computer of the same name in the shop. 

If you want to be a little creative be inventive a white computer in my house named snow white and a media computer for movies got called the_box. 

If people in the shop are into the Game of Thrones, then the characters name there are recognisable and memorable. Here are some more ideas, what about naming computers after planets, biblical characters, superheroes, etc.

Try to avoid girlfriends and boyfriends just in case they are no longer around, and the last thing you want is to be kept reminded of that. 

If you want some more tips here are some more ideas.


See how you go?


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