Tip on route planning for delivery



This is a tip if you are doing deliveries, something that today is becoming more and more important in retail, so I think you will find this app useful.

Voyager is available on the android. I am not sure about IOS.

What happens is when you get a list of delivery points, what you need to do is organise your route. To do this can take some time and much of the information like traffic and road repairs you probably will not know. That is why I like this app. with this app you enter your starting and ending position, and the delivery points into it. It then will optimise your trip to give you the fastest route accounting for the latest real-time traffic. Next, it links to Google Maps, so Google Maps can direct you.

This type of productivity software is used by large transportation companies for a long time but is only now available for SMB businesses. The maximum number of delivery spots is 100, but it may run very slow at that level. We normally run it at about 20 spots. One big advantage I find is that it gives me a timetable with travel times, so I have a good idea of how long the route will take to be done.

We find it saves us quite a lot of time.

Hope it helps you too.

PS If we get enough call for it, we will probably link it into our POS software.