Tip: If Your shop is temporarily closing?



Quite a few of clients are in the city and in malls and unfortunately have made a painful decision to make a temporary close.

If so here are some tips for your Point of Sale system and a bonus one for the shop.

Unlike many other POS systems, it is quite safe to turn off our equipment with our system

1. Make sure that you have a backup of your system which you are going to take home.

2. Note down all your passwords, in a few months. You may be surprised what people can forget.

3. Put labels on everything before you disassemble it so you can reassemble it later. Some pictures here are a good idea.

4. Any electronic items that you intend to store in the shop, cover with something to keep the dust off except for the cash draws. Leave them open and in plain view so some undesirable people can see that it is empty.

5. Turn off everything electrical you can.

6. With social media, you have a perfect tool to keep your clients informed, you need to tell them what you are doing.

Customers will likely have many questions and take to social media to get answers — keep up with your accounts to not only react to customer inquiries and concern but also proactively provide updates on your business' current situation.

Bonus tip

Finally, take photos of everything in the shop after you empty it from inside and outside. That includes the front windows, doors, toilets, etc. everything. If possible email some of these to someone else so you have these pictures dated and time-stamped. You may need this if something goes wrong.

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