The rise of free online learning during this COVID-19 pandemic



One resource that has exploded now as a result of this pandemic is online learning. There are many lectures and course on almost any subject currently available. Universities, various education institutes, companies, organisations, professors, private people, etc., now do talks, lectures and courses on any subject. We have too. Currently, we do almost all of our training online. Heaps of our clients' now book in for training sessions. Besides being the only way now, it is efficient. 

I am finding some of them helpful eg the Victorian Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) has been running some practical talks, which I have attended. Often it gives me an understanding of the issues. Plus an appreciation of what the authorities are looking at with these issues. I also did an SEO course run by a leading SEO company and an online course on SMB marketing which was excellent.   

Overall the importance of disseminating knowledge has been highlighted through COVID-19. 

Here are some tips which I use.

1) Unless you have some career *resume* reasons, do not worry about doing the course tests or diplomas. 

2) Check first if you can do it when you want. We are not students with the time to fit our lives into a course. We need something we can do, stop at any time and come back too when we have time—no point in signing up for something that is done on a schedule. The kids will scream about something, an important phone call will come through, or some goods will arrive and needs your immediate attention.

3) Try short talks because the odds are we will not have the time or interest to finish. Often what we want is one good idea and then time to digest it. 

4) Try varying the talks. A change is as good as a holiday.

5) I do like YouTubes, as I can listen when I want and stop when I want. I do not know how kids have the strength to keep going for hours of education. I need a break. Forty-five minutes is, for me, the maximum. Then I will often stop, then I have a break and only then come back to it.

6) The other point good about youtube is the comments. Read them as it lets you know what others think about the ideas presented.

For many of us stuck in this pandemic, this online learning has kept us sane.

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