The pros and cons of layby

Well its getting close to the season and its time you made a decision about laybys. In my view, despite what credit suppliers are saying that they will be replacing lay-by, it has not happened. If you think about it, a lay-by is a good deal for the consumer, generally they get for little added obligations and contracts among other benefits.

Lock in discount
Little or zero fees
Zero interest
The ability to pay cash
A flexible repayment plan
And pay out early option.
If it is required, they also get a cancellation option.

This is why today still lay-by is probably the most popular form of credit in retail. This is particularly true if they tend to pay in cash and/or have bad credit ratings.

Which is why it is really useful for consumers at the Christmas holidays?

I think also its a no brainer, if people want to do laybys then why create waves, allow them to do so.

That is why our point of sale software has an extensive layby section.

If you want to do an analysis of what your current Lay-bys are doing.

Please go to the lay-bys in our customer section.

The analysis you will find there marked with a green arrow. Then when you press it you will get pages of statistics. Here is the start

If you press the blue arrow, you will get even more in a Full Detailed Report. Looking through them, I am sure you will find much.