The new profanity filter on Facebook



Anyone who does anything on the net knows the problems with profanity. There is an added problem besides your personal beliefs that the Australian Courts do not like it. It considers the owner of the Facebook page responsible for its content. Anyone in business who said to you on the web that their page is *NOT* moderated and open is lying or has a business death wish. Commenting on your page that you accept "no legal responsibility about using, or reliance upon, any content material" does not help much.

Facebook has now introduced a profanity filter. This software automatically hides text from your readers containing swear phrases. You can manually publish this text if you wish after reviewing it. It is long overdue.

Profanity filters don't clear up the problem in their totality, so it does not end the need for moderation. There is no way a filter can know that your use of a word for gender, age, grouping, area etc., is being used as a description or an insult. Words like "lawsuit", "slander", or "defective" are examples of the kind of points you will manually need to address.

How good is it? I am not sure. Many people will disguise swear words by intentionally misspelling them. This doesn't make them any less offensive.

It is a good start!

If you run a Facebook page for your organisation, I recommend implementing it ASAP. You will find it in the image above, marked with a green arrow.


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