The business of love in full swing now!


It is Valentine's Day, and the gifting season is in full swing, estimates are that total sales today will be $415 million.

But do not forget the last-minute shopper. They are not small or minor in terms of trade. The problem these people have now is that they cannot order online. They need something now, and you are local.

The odds are they are in your area looking for ideas, want to spend now, and want an instant solution. 


Here are some actionable tips you can use right now.

* Put a sign on the window, so this person knows you have something. It does not need to be flashy.

* Make a featured area with items that would be suitable and make it easy to find.

If you are not sure what to offer on that day, look at what sold well last year. It will give you some ideas.

This is easy to do in your POS system.

Go to the Register reports.

Now select "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period".

Select last year on February 14, 2021

Out will come the top sellers for that day, they sold that day, why not this year?

* Review, remember this guy is flexible as they have little idea of what to buy.

* Offer gift wrap

* Have appropriate greeting cards on offer if possible.

Final note: Some of this stock will lose much if you do not sell it today, so watch your stock levels.

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