Telco vouchers

Touch networks are doing a new promotion now to sell their product in our user base. It is quite a good promotion and if you are interested, I would recommend that you do contact them here.

In the process to show how well their product is, they gave us consolidated figures of the current sales of over 300 sites of ours that are marketing their telco products. We have of course more than that.

Overall it works in commissions over $580,000 a year. As expected there seems to be a massive range in the sales by different store. Some stores are doing much more then others. Some I think are just using Touch to sell to themselves products as a discount.

There has this financial year has seen a drop in profit 9%, mainly due to the big drop in Optus margins. Telstra the biggest, the retailers have seen a growth in margin of 4.4%. Since the Optus is a one-off event, I do expect the next twelve months will see a growth in margins.

Still on an average, its bring into a typical shop about 1290 customers a year which works out to about four customers a day. The current margin is about 5% producing a profit of about $1,921 a year which is not bad considering that there is no cost. Of course in many shops it is producing, much higher figures plus many stores would be generating significant add on sales.