Stopping the import of doggy dates into your pos software

This morning, one of our clients' data suppliers system is releasing invoices with a dodgy date in the invoice.

Here is a sample of what happened, in this electronic invoice.

Where I have circled the date in should be in the format YYYYMMDD so what this is reading is 17/02/2301 what here they intended to put in was a date of 31/01/2017.

As the date is clearly wrong, our software is rejecting the invoice which is why so many people are ringing us up now. This is resulting in a massive clogging up of our support bay. Today calls are up about 30% on last year as a result.

We are looking at a patch in our software to fix this automatically if it happens again as its obviously a flaw somewhere in the data communication system but now if you have a problem, please let us know and our support team can fix it.