Pos equipment : Scanners




If your point of sale scanner occasionally goes down, and you play around with it, and it works.

Here are some points to check.

Check that the user, is orienting the scanner correctly, some scanners just need to be used in a specified way.

If that looks good, then try testing with a few barcodes that you know will work. It may be the barcode.

Then check the battery status if it has one.

Check that the scanner is securely plugged in, a common problem is that the cables have become loose, if so take the cables of the barcode scanner off and re plug it all back in. Sometimes this fixes it.

If it still does not work, check the cables for wear, tear and breaks.

Check the scanner lens are clean. (see my previous post about this here.)

If it still does not work, then try if you can put the scanner on another computer with different cables if possible. If that works now the problem is either in your computer or in your cables. Try if possible to test the cables by using the original cables.

If that does not work, please give us a call.