Stock that is not performing


Do you have some slow-moving stock items?

Maybe you can cut back on their space to make more room for your profitable products?

I suggest that we do this in two stages. 

To begin with

Firstly let us find the items that are the slow movers

Go to Register reports > Stock > Slow moving Stock lines


Now call it up here

As you can see I am looking at the stationery department over a twelve month period for anything that I have sold less than $100 and am now stocking something.

Now out pops a report in this case of 81 pages of detailed information of all the items that match this condition in this case, we have almost $80,000 worth of worthless stock.

Now check them out, pull out what you do not want to keep and put in your sales area.

Once you’ve got this done

I suggest that you do a report of your top selling stock items and at those items that are selling well. A rule of thumb in retail is double the space of an item increases its sales by 50%. So the idea here is we are going to replace the marginal items with those that sell well.

Go to Register reports

Now select "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."

Now the following comes up.

Now put an appropriate period the default here of a day is not enough for this but I just wanted a quick report for illustration.

Out comes a report with the top sellers

Now, these products need to be checked that you have the right display for each of these products.

Note anything, not on this list you also need to look at as they are marginal..

The bottom line is this

You do not want to pay to a landlord for the space to stock items that do not sell.

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