How to sell more


Here is a tip for your POS software.

It is simple and works well.

Take your best sellers and move them to prime selling positions in the shop. Another equally good tip is in your storeroom put the top sellers in easy reach, as you go there a lot.

I do suggest that you check out scientifically your top sellers as it is surprising how many people only know a few of their top sellers.

Here’s how ridiculously easy it is to find them

The best report that contains the sales of the stock items in order of sales together with the stock on hand figure to give you an idea of how much room you need. Go to the top N stock report which you can find in register reports here.

We then put in a period, as a rule, I suggest running this report twice once with two years and the second time with three months to give you a long/short-term perspective. So run it firstly for two years, then for three months.

Then when you have your list of goods nicely ordered by quantity, profit and sales.

Get it done

Now actually go and investigate where these items are. A useful tip is to ask someone who does not know your shop, to come in and try and find a specific product and see how they go.





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