Speed at point of sale

People tend to be upset waiting in queues. Generally in retail the standard danger point occurs if the size of the queue if over 6 or more and/or the time taken is over 5 minutes. The problem with standards is no business is standard. If I go to a barber, I would wait 5 minutes. If I go to a shop and want a pack of cigarettes, I am not waiting 5 minutes, and I am walking out if I see six people waiting.

And retailers know this; this is why they want fast point of sale software and computers. Doing reports and data entry it's nice to have faster processing, but at the cash register, having people wait is retail death.

Ours is the fastest point of sale software that I know, as you can see where it is marked in green. The operators here were regularly doing transactions at a rate of four a minute in 2014 before the new Intel's Core i7 and AMD’s Ryzen computers came out and the new SQL was released. So I am sure we will now get faster speeds once we finish our new benchmarking results.

Although I said it is nice to have faster processing speed, it is mentally frustrating on the mind for people to work slow computers. People are extremely fast in detecting speeds. A typical person can detect changes visually at .013 of a second and react in .25 second, if you want to know your reaction time click here.

If you are waiting 20 seconds while your computer is thinking, you are reacting potentially physically 80 times. That is why time seems to go so slowly when you press on a computer Y instead of N. Your mind internally is going No, No, No, ... 80 times.

Computer and software speed does matter.