Point of sale Reporting and Analytics


As a market-leading point of sale software provider, we deliver on our promise of creating a huge number of business reports that transforms our users into wizards by giving them accurate, on-demand, and highly interactive information that they can act upon.

We offer 100s of pre-written reports and if that is not enough, we give you ad-hoc reporting too where you can write your own reports.

Go to the reporting section and you get this.


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Click on an item here and even more will pop out



Running through these reports in no particular order, you can see crucial sales metrics such as:


The number of items sold.

Breakdown of sales
Employee performance
Departmental performance.
Price performance
Register breakdowns
Gift card sales
Gift card usage
Total sales
Hourly sales
Total transactions
Average transaction amount
Order history
Payment summaries

All these give you massive insights that help you to better understand your shop. You see stock is over/under performing, what is selling, who is buying what, when they are buying, how they are paying for it buying it and which employee is selling it to them.

This is how you can gain the detailed insights you need to make informed decisions about your shop.

Note unlike so many other pos software systems you do not need to buy extras to access this data. Want to compare systems, demand to see the reports, count them quickly, I have not seen a system with more reports then us, demand to see them run with full data not play data as unlike us, many do not use proper SQL so the run like a dog.