Software should be modern, quick and intuitive

Here is a tip one point many people should but do not is check is how the software looks and behaves. Ask yourself when seeing it. How easy is it to use when you do not have that technical person showing you? This is of course where our software shines as I will show.

Overall, I think software should be easy to operate, if people cannot determine how it application works or where to go all that is going to happen is people get confused and frustrated. You should check how a software looks and behaves. It is easy to be fooled when you have a technical person showing you who understands, but once he leaves now what. This is of course where our software shines, as this example will demonstrate. You should also look at the behavior. It should be the same everywhere, how many times do I see in software a button that does this and then in another part the same button does something different. The next point is that it should work fast; this is not just software speed but the user interaction. Why should someone have to press 10 key strokes to get something to happen?The less keystrokes the better! For example, in our cash register, you can do over 90% of the transactions with no keystrokes. Lastly, it should be forgiving; people do make mistakes, and sometimes they can be costly. That is why I love our undo functions.

Here is a sample of what I am talking about.

Everyone has their favourite report. Something that they need to run often. So how do we make it easy so that they can select it and run it as worry-free as possible. What we do is have a favourite section which you will find in the report section. I will show you how to use it.

Say this report "Traffic Analysis by Trading Hour," is one I wish to run often. Actually, it is a very popular report well worth looking into. (see the green arrow).

I now put the mouse on it and right click; of course, you can do this too on any report that you like.

It then shows a message to add it to favourites. If I go YES and now in my menu under favourites is this report. Next time, I want it all I have to do is go to the favourites which I am going often for my other reports and select it to run. As you can see here.

Now OOPS let us say, I made a mistake. I did not want that report but the one underneath, or just after reflection, I decide that I do not want it as a favourite as maybe I found something better or its not doing what I thought I needed. Okay so I need to undo it, not a problem, I right click on the item, and a message comes up, do I wish to remove it from favourites. If I press YES, it is out of the favourites.


Now what do you think of my comments, I’d love to read your thoughts.