Smart Reports: The Ultimate Tool for leading Business Owners


Shop owner looking at reports

Do you want to run your business in real time, no matter where you are? If so, you must access your financial reports anytime, anywhere, from any device. Only then can you track your performance. See what's selling now. This is powerful business insight. To do so, you need accurate and timely information about your business details, such as sales, expenses, inventory, and customers.

Some of the benefits of accessing your financial reports anywhere:

If this sounds good, then you need smart reporting. It automatically delivers simple or detailed reports to your inbox at regular intervals. You can choose the report details that suit your needs. You can also quickly and securely share your information with your team members, business partners, etc.

It can help you run your business in real-time to make better decisions faster.

- Save time. Save money. It is automatically done once set up. Your smart reports are sent automatically.
- Using digital reports, you can save trees by reducing printing and storage costs.
- Reduce errors and risks. You don't need to worry about human errors or data inconsistencies. Computers remember. You can rely on smart reports to provide accurate and reliable daily information. 
- You can also reduce the risk of data loss or theft by using a secure cloud storage system to transport and keep your reports.
- You get a clear and concise overview of your business performance daily. 
- You can also identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement without even being in the shop.


Set up automatic sending reports

Let us start!

Go into End of Day.

Now in the Options, you can see (red arrow) where you have plenty of options and pages to specify the report to your needs. So choose the type of information you need. You can choose from simple to detailed views.

Now see the brown arrow. Press that.

Now out will come out more reports option, don't worry about them yet. We can cover them in another post. Let's just get started now, and we can build later.

Click on the blue arrow. 

Set it up daily. Archive it in your email folders with a filter if you do not need it daily or what I do put it in a special folder. It is rare for someone looking at their data to complain that they have too much information.

Click on the green arrow. 

Please choose how you want it to come by email or SMS.


With your new automated business reporting system, you will now receive actionable reports directly to your inbox. You get the same level of data-driven insights previously only available to executives at large organisations. To improve your business, accessing your financial reports anywhere is a great place to start.

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