Selecting a domain name



If you are planning to move a little on on-line one of the first objective you need to consider is what is going to be your on-line name? It is going to be the very first thing that people will see about you, and you probably will live with that name for a long time so you need to make it a good one.

I suggest doing some thought about what you would like. Try to avoid any names that may get you in trouble, its not worth it. If an existing business often you can use much of the name of the business. If its a new business I suggest something shows your products and services, is short and different. On the internet it does not need to be a real word.

Some points, you should take into account.

1) Short is better, your customers need to remember it.

2) Make it pronouncable, again its easier to remember

3) Make it in Australia, trying to run a business with .com For example, in Australia is generally a NO NO

4) Make it an easy name, something like is not going to get you far, actually be careful with numbers, they can be very good just be careful.

5) Make it something that ideally represents you, remember your name will have a lot of bearings in the search engines like google and Yahoo. This point is something that cannot be stressed enough.

6) Remember many people like your accountant are not very good at picking marketing names.

7) If you are running out of ideas, you can buy one.

8) Finally remember a good name off-line maybe not be a good name on-line. What I find a very useful exercise for people to do and what I suggest you do is go onto google in another country like Canada here and do searches for your products and services and see what comes up there. This should give you some ideas for here. If it works there is probably will work here.

You need to check if your choice is available.

Do not be discouraged if you fail on the first attempt. For example, we initially picked POS Software which stands for Point of Sale software. I failed on my first attempt to register it. It took me a few hours of work, with some professional help and a lot of stress before we got a name what we were happy with POS Solutions.

A good name is very important for a business and remember that some thought should go into it.