See below the latest computer screen made for your front counter


The front counter area is an integral part of your shop. A much as possible space there should be for selling.


Also, the front counter must be attractive to your customers. As today a significant part of the front counter is your POS system, if it looks old fashion, it sends a wrong message.


A stylish and modern appearance sends a better message.


This is why we have a range of monitors designed for the front counter of a retail store.


Here is one above that we recommend as they look good and take up very little room. Often it's placed in the counter. 


They also have Touch-screen technology built-in so:

1) They are easier to use; it is more natural to press buttons highlighted on the computer.

2) They are much easier to use as your eyes do not have to keep looking away from the screen to the keyboard.

3) It is faster to use as most people today are not touch typist.


And, depending on your needs, you can even add colour to the hardware.

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